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Welcome to your Health Headquarters – helping you lead a healthier and pain-free life.

Take control of your health. Overcome aches and pains that have limited you in the past. Learn new health practices that will lead to more better days. With one-on-one care from highly trained clinicians, you’ll get back to feeling your best quicker than you thought possible.


Physical Therapy


Do you suffer from neck pain or neck related headaches?

HealthHQ utilizes many tactics to help get you out of neck pain, to help resolve those chronic headaches and get the neck stronger. We use spinal manipulation and functional dry needling to attack these areas and reduce the pain you are feeling. A tailored exercise approach will get you stronger so you no longer have to deal with those neck pains and headaches.

Trust me, you have never been to a Physical Therapist like this! If you want to avoid surgery and live a healthy and fulfilling life doing the things you love to do as well as work with someone that actually cares about you and your recovery look no further. They take you and your goals into account, tailor the treatment session to your needs, and get you feeling better fast. I don’t believe in miracles but this may be as close as you will get.

Alex Benitez

Thanks to the team at Health HQ for helping me run and squat again PAIN FREE! I crushed my 1 mile PR last week and have a new front squat PR this week. If you are exercising in pain do your self a favor and talk with health HQ. I had a great rehab experience.

Josh McDonald

Top notch physical therapists that will not only address your injury or concern but that will treat you as a whole person and help you to make positive changes in your lifestyle. Their passion for what they do is apparent and contagious. They will work with you to keep you doing the things you love as you receive quality care to treat whatever issue you may be having. The care here is different, check it out!

Heather Salzer

Dr. Mitch and Dr. Alan have been the experts I never knew I needed. After 9 years as a CrossFit athlete, they have identified fundamental movement weaknesses and developed a protocol for refinement. I’m so continually thankful to have them as my PT resource to keep my body capable of optimal performance.

April Glowacki

Doctor Mitch and Alan at Health HQ have done wonders.  I first met Mitch after a neck injury riding motocross. I suffered for nine months and he had me feeling 100% better 60 days later.  Since then I’ve worked with both Mitch and Allen for many of my sports related injury troubles. They’ve kept me healthy and more able than I’ve ever been.

Matt Lasco

Dr. Mitch and Dr. Alan are spearheading the new age physical therapist. They don’t just hand you a band and give you the same 3 exercises they give to everyone else. Their goal is to prevent you from needing rehab by helping you move better and make you stronger. They have guided me through injuries that would sideline me for months & helped me to recover substantially faster. Their passion and their expertise is beyond any value.

Billy Glowacki

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HealthHQ is lead by health-facing Doctors of Physical Therapy who specialize in treating the whole individual. A holistic, integrative approach that looks at the main factors contributing to your pain, movement, and health biomarkers. One-on-one focused treatment means you get more information, more answers, and more results.


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