Falls & Balance Treatment in Fenton, Michigan

Have you had a fall recently, or are you worried that you may have one soon? It is a common misconception that an increase in falls is associated with getting older. In fact, about 50% of adults fall each year, regardless of age (Ganz et al., 2020 & Rodriguez et al. 2019). Balance is often oversimplified when in fact, it is a complex combination of many different systems of the body: the visual system, vestibular (inner ear) system, musculoskeletal system (joint position, strength, and speed), and the neurological system. Contrary to popular belief, an increase in falling is not some unavoidable plague looming above our heads as we age, but a series of often preventable (or reversible!) issues. Did you know that 50% of all falls occur while walking, 60% of all falls occur due to a slip or trip, and that 26% of all falls occur due to inappropriate footwear? (Cai et al., 2023). Furthermore, the majority of falls occur due to an individual trying to “dual task” or perform an activity while also trying to walk, such as using a cell phone, carrying items, or walking with a pet.
Falls & Balance
Often, balance is treated by physical therapists by having patients perform weird tasks that do not correlate to daily life such as holding a tandem stance position, standing on a foam pad, or standing in silence with eyes closed. These are poor attempts at treating a dynamic problem with a static solution. High quality evidence now exists that building strong, fast muscles to quickly react to a loss of balance are important, but also that intentionally practicing “dual task” training can significantly reduce your risk of falling (Brustio et al., 2018, Archives of Gerontology and Geriatrics). In addition, practicing & learning how to properly fall (and get up from the floor!) is incredibly important in being able to get on & off the floor for daily tasks, but also to recover from a fall if one happens, which is likely, because half of all people fall every year, regardless of age.

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